Hospitality Digital Signage

Hotels, bars or restaurants provide quality services to their visitors. It has now become very important for the customers to know about the varied services they provide. The customers make a ready and willing audience for the information about the hotel itself and also the locale. Instead of being intrusive, the digital signage in hotels, restaurants or bars makes the delivery of message and information a lot easy, engaging and fun by adding visual appeal and modernizing hotel lobbies, restaurants and hallways, and thus contributing to upscale the ambiance. This is important in the hospitality industry where décor is a top consideration.

Digital signage for hospitality can also help with the following:

  • Act as a source for feedback and reviews by displaying social media for hotels.
  • Enhance visitor’s acquaintance with hotel premises and local neighborhoods by acting as a way finding tool.
  • Highlight the luxuries provided such as top-level suites, spa facilities etc.
  • Act as a source of additional revenue by becoming a platform for advertisement for local businesses.
  • For hotels with meeting and conference centers it can be used to automate event calendars

There has been a growth in trend of installing digital signage displays in hotels, as the impact of hospitality signage on the guest experience has been understood by more and more hoteliers.

Dailydigitalsignage is a global leader in digital signage for the hospitality industry improving the customer experience, drive sales and streamline operations, providing digital signage display for hotel lobbies, guest rooms, business conventions and restaurants.

Dailydigitalsignage allows hotels to modernize the consumer experience with high resolution displays from single monitors to video walls, engaging the guests in a wide array of languages in real time, providing up to the minute information on the surrounding area or hotel specials. And most importantly, deployment is made easy with easy solutions making installation times less and screen management a breeze. Large hotels with conference centers, that frequently host thousands of people at a time, for them digital signage is a boon that provides an easy way to keep the conference and expo information up to date which is constantly changing. Also, the digital signage solutions also are effective as way- finding tools to guide large groups of people in the right direction.

The digitized marketplace is increasing every day and the digital experience of the customer has become a top priority for all hoteliers. To achieve full customer experience, the digital signages have become a necessity and are the cornerstone of a visual campaign that starts the moment the guest enters the lobby.