Floor Standing Wide Indoor Digital Signage Display (Touch/Non-Touch)


  • High quality Android operating system for the ultimate satisfaction.
  • Get the extremely excellent Wi-Fi functionality.
  • For the excellent quality and utterly compelling e-poster quality display with the 1080 p resolution.
  • Get yourself free from all hustle by choosing the Floor Standing Wide Indoor Digital Signage Display with a touch screen, remote enabled to access and built-in speakers.
  • Get unlimited streaming with the plug and play USB port.
  • Enjoy the ultimate freedom with the online access to your data with cloud access.

The signage is all about display and the effective communication of your message, so the new Floor Standing Wide Indoor Digital Signage Display is all about display. With the wide LED display and 1080 High-quality screen, you get the maximum advantage of your LED signage.

The new Floor Standing Wide Indoor Digital Signage Display offers the ease of access to the users by offers the USB port option for the multimedia files. However, this is not it, now you can also upload your media through the cloud in a real time.

No appliance would become efficient until is supported by a great operating system. With the excellent operating system ease up, your campaigns will easy uploading and management features.

One of the best feature associated with the Floor Standing Wide Indoor Digital Signage Display is the security element. With the advance feature being introduced in this wide LED display, the users can now save their data from theft and misuse.

Now with the help of this amazing product, you will get the complete tools for the proper display of your campaign with extremely excellent display quality, built-in speakers, and multimedia access.

  • Give the audience the ultimate satisfaction of large and wide display screen with the new wide LED display. The signage is available in a large variety of sizes with not only the wide and clearer screen but various other advanced features. The non-touch free standing highly capacitive unit offers the captivating qualities to capture the audience. Wide LED display offers the display solution for all of your indoor display problems at public places.
  • Upload your marketing campaign or any other multimedia with an amazing ease and convenience, with the USB port and the cloud access. Enhance your media message effect with excellent features including 1080 HD display, 450-nits of brightness, dual speakers and 1100:1 contrast ratio. Give a boost to your media campaign with the wide display. This is not it, you can also feel a strong security and protection features with the advanced locking system and high quality extremely durable metal body.
  • This particular E-poster unit is all you need for the proper marketing or promotion of your campaign and to convey your message in the most effective and efficient manner. So if you are in search of something with excellent features and cost-effectiveness, the new Floor Standing Wide Indoor Digital Signage Display is all you need.
  • Along with the wide LED display, the unit offers the ease and convenience regarding the setup stage. In both touch and non-touch units, the user gets the ultimate freedom of setting the desired set up.
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Weight 100 lbs
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 100 in
Screen Size

32", 42", 46", 47", 50", 55", 60", 65", 70", 82"

Touch Screen

Yes, No