Wall Mounted Display Indoor Digital Signage


  • Experience the resolution that gives the real-life feeling.
  • High-quality metal body the complete protection from the breakage and scratches.
  • Get the ultimate protection with cold rolled steel back of 1.2-1.5 mm thickness.
  • Built speakers with high sound quality.
  • Live the ultimate freedom with the split screen option.
  • Get the ease and convenience of the remote controller option.
  • With the built-in Wi-Fi module offers the users to get the online data easily.
  • Get the freedom of data transfer with the availability of USB port.
  • Take over the control of the signage with the excellent office management system.

The Wall Mounted Display Indoor Digital Signage offers the full HD display with 350-450 nits of brightness and 1000:1 of contrast ratio.

With the advance locking system and the online availability of the data, you can not only get the access to your data but can also protect your data.

The Wall Mounted Display Indoor Digital Signage comes with the built in cooling system to keep the system cool even in hot weather conditions.

With the online cloud storage, USB port and the remote control facility now you can get the ease of access and convenience.

  • Get the chance to spread your business message to the potential customers more efficiently and effectively with the new Wall Mounted Display Indoor Digital Signage. Not every signage is as compatible to deliver the message in an excellent manner. With the high-resolution display, you will get the maximum exposure and also the better chance to deliver the marketing message.
  • The whole signage is protected by the strong and durable metal body to protect the screen from the damage. This is not it gets the further protection with the tempered glass on the screen to protect it from breakage and scratches.
  • The signage is provided with the extra protection with the cold rolled steel metal cover with the excellent locking system. The whole idea is to give you the freedom form the data protection and all your data could be safe in the signage.
  • The Wall Mounted Display Indoor Digital Signage offers the complete freedom to the users by offering the online access to the data. Now you do not have to worry about your data on the signage as you can access your data through excellent cloud access.
  • With the HD resolution and excellent brightness, the signage is the right choice to give your campaign a boost start. Not only the screen display but over the package of the Wall Mounted Display Indoor Digital Signage offers the ultimate user freedom, ease, and convenience. The remote control feature gives you’re completely over the data that has been displayed on the screen.
  • The Wall Mounted Display Indoor Digital Signage also offers the users an option to split the screen up to 10 frames. If you want to display a variety of videos along with pictures, then the split screen option is just for you.
Weight 100 lbs
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 100 in
Screen Size

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