Ultrawide Monitor 29 Inch Display Digital Signage

  • Experience the real-life display with the 2560 x 1080 native resolution
  • Get immersed in the widest 21:9 cinematic view
  • Use the variety of display combinations with the 29” screen
  • The stretched screen offers the high space utilization to get fit in the most of the space restricted places
  • Feel the power, style, and durability of the aluminum stainless steel framework
  • Get the extra protection for your screen with the thick tempered glass
  • Offers the advanced protection with the back door locking feature
  • Avoid the overheating of the device with the cold rolling steel body
  • No shadow box to display full view for ultimate display experience

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The Ultra-wide Monitor 29 Inch Display Digital Signage is the ultimate signage choice for the commercial as well as the public places. Due to the 29” stretched screen, it offers the high space utilization by adjusting to small and space restricted places. The 29-inch ultra-wide display signage offers the 21:9 cinematic view. There is no shadow box on the screen to provide the full-screen display in the literal sense. Now feel the high quality display with the 2560×1080 resolution. Feel the videos and images close to reality. The high resolution and cinematic view of the 29-inch ultra-wide display signage make it the ideal choice for the use at the commercial outlets as well as public areas.

With the 29” screen you need a real strong body to hold the signage, so the 29-inch ultra-wide display comes with the extremely durable aluminum stainless steel body. Moreover, for the further protection of the screen from the breakage and scratches, the screen is protected by the thick and high-quality tempered glass.

The 29-inch ultra-wide display signage is the beautiful combination of technology and design. With the Android operating system, the signage will allow you to keep all your data in a cloud storage and access it from every device from almost everywhere. With the highly efficient back office management system, now you can have the freedom to operate the 29-inch ultra-wide display with the help of your mobile phones.

Moreover, with the cold rolling steel back body, you can use the display device for a longer period of time without it getting overheated. The 29-inch ultra-wide display supports almost all kind of the videos, images formats and allows you to play the content with the help of USB. In order to keep the data safe and secure the v offers the locking system.


Cinematic View
With the excellent aspect ratio of 21:9 now you can feel the cinematic view right at your 29-inch ultra-wide display signage.

Display Combinations
Try the variety of display combinations with the screen splitting option.

Backup & Control
The 29-inch ultra-wide display comes with the excellent and latest backup and control features. With the Android system and the back office management tool now you can access all of your data from every device online.

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Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 100 in
Screen Size