Ultrawide Monitor 38 Inch Display Digital Signage

  • Ultra-high resolution of 1920×502
  • Ultra-high brightness with 2000 nits
  • Cold rolling steel body
  • Android system for the complete data management freedom
  • Automatic timer to on/off the device
  • Feel the freedom of the remote control facility
  • Feel the magic of sound with the high-quality built-in speakers
  • Experience the high-quality space efficiency with the stylish design

Whenever we planned on having a display device for our personal business use we always search for something which performs its job efficiently and effectively i-e to display. So if you in search of any display device then look no further as the Ultra-wide Monitor 38 Inch Display Digital Signage is just the ultimate destination.

With the high-quality display, a signage should also execute certain features associated with the signage including data management. With the 38-inch ultra-wide display signage now you would not only get the excellent display but with the various safety and technological feature you can feel the ultimate freedom as well. The 38-inch ultra-wide display offers the back office management system, with the help of which now you can handle all of your display data over your mobiles. All you need is to log on to your account through your mobile and you would be able to make any changes in the data. Furthermore, with the back door locking system, you can also protect the data from being stolen.

38-inch ultra-wide display signage comes with the variety of exciting features, including the cold rolling steel body to protect the device from overheating. Now use the display signage for the long hours and yet the device would not experience any kind of overheating. With the protection of internal system, the external body and the screen is also provided with the extra protection. The whole outer body is made of aluminum stainless steel which offers not only the style but the protection as well. Furthermore with the thick layer of tempered glass over the screen of the 38-inch ultra-wide display signage the screen has been a safeguard from the breakage and scratches.

With the ultra-stylish and thin body, the stretched screen of 38-inch ultra-wide display signage offers the high space efficiency. This space efficiency feature makes it a better choice for the usage at the public places.


Feel the ultimate power of display with the 1920x 502 resolution and an ultra-high brightness of 2000 nits.

Power efficiency
With the excellent display and safety features, the 38-inch ultra-wide display signage also offers the power saving function.

Built-in speakers
The 38-inch ultra-wide display comes with the excellent quality display along with a built-in sound system to offer the high-quality sound.

Data management
Make the efficient and convenient data handling a reality with the back office management system. With the Android system now you can have all your data back up on any of your devices and ensure timely availability of content for display.

SKU: DDS-1938 Category:
Weight 23 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 38 in
Screen Size


Black, VESA Mount (open frame available)


1920 x 502


2000 cd/m



Viewing Angle

176˚ x 176˚




1 x DB15

Video Inputs

VGA + DVI (Audio / AV / S-Video / Component Options)


12 VDC with AC Adaptor